Design trends for 2016 are being predicted from reliable design sources. Here are just a few trends we’ll be seeing this coming year.

1.Animation Integrated with design

Small designs such as logos especially for websites will begin to take on motion. Animation is what will take the screens with visual story telling for the user’s experience. Small animation will help with brand expressions and user’s experience be more enjoyable.

2.Web Design : The Infinite Scroll 

Websites are making a big change this year! Websites are focusing more on usability and getting rid of unimportant information. You’ll be seeing more infinite scroll sites with vertical design. Just take a look at our site here at Collect1ve Mind! 😉

3. Illustration

Designers prepare yourselves for more illustration demands this year! Those of you who can draw, now is the time to start enhancing your designs,keeping illustrations fun, flat and functional.

4.Mock Ups: Alternative to Flat Designs

Mock ups are always a great way to show the client what an item would like in a tangible form. Showing the user the tangible item with flat design integration. Moving forward, the users’ experience is what will always come first. Always make sure to put yourself in the user’s shoes.

5. Technology 

Technology is constantly changing around us and to be a great designer you will have to be ready to adapt. Technology is always trending, make sure to stay up to date, so you don’t get left behind!

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